We could talk about how cute puppies are for days. They have adorable little faces and tiny little tails. But y’know what? Our older four legged friends need love, too. That’s exactly what inspired photographer Pete Thorne’s newest photo series.

Titled “Old Faithful,” Thorne invited owners of the aged pooches into his studio for a portrait session. He captured the graceful dignity, experience, and class in each adorable face. They may be more weathered and less frisky, but they’re still sweethearts.

1.) Fink, 14 years old.

2.) Finnegan, 12 and a half years old.

3.) Clovis, 14 years old. He sadly passed away not long after the photoshoot.

4.) Stella, 12 years old.

5.) Toto, 16 years old.

6.) Colonel Sanders, 10 years old.

7.) Elmo, 15 years old.

8.) Bodley, 12 years old.

9.) Weezee, 10 years old.

10.) Mance, 13 years old.

11.) Maximus, 15 years old.

12.) Hazel, age unknown.

(via Bored Panda.)

Even when their health begins to decline, these precious pups deserve all our love. They never lose their loyalty to us, so we can’t let them down. You can check out more of these precious portraits on Thorne’s website and Facebook.

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