While it’s true, they are “The Great Outdoors,” there’s a certain confidence we all have in the indoors that doesn’t require us to try and build it up in our minds so we can’t help but feel bad for not enjoying it. Everyone loves being indoors. Even if they love going outdoors, you don’t have to do any convincing to get them to come back in–unless it’s a really bad date. With The Soul Box, you can enjoy everything you like about the outdoors without sacrificing the perks of being indoors. Owning one makes for some glamorous camping or “glamping,” as it is actually called. Take a look!

1. The Soul Box by Studio Allergutendinge

2. Open the hatches and catch a nice breeze or close it to conserve warmth.

3. The skylight allows for some easy apple picking. You don’t even have to put pants on.

4. The kitchen, though small, makes the most of what little space it has.

5. More places for ventilation and storage.

6. The Soul Box in action. Have fun actually enjoying camping!

(via MyModernMet) I always thought the entire point of going camping was to be miserable. Glad that’s not the case. If you want more epic DIY creations and Life Hacks, join the new Viral Nova Life Hacks Page by clicking here.

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