Gaming is not just about playing, winning, or in most cases losing. No, gaming is also about the experience; the total immersion into a whole new world in which you can forget reality and join a new one. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a perfect example of a game which takes the player into a whole new, completely bizarre yet eerily realistic world. Check out these 25 GTA 5 photos you might confuse for reality to see how realistic this game can get.

25. Calm Night At The Beach


24. Friday Evening Drive

GTAP – Street Sunset

23. Sunrise At The Alamo Sea

GTAP – Alamo Sea

22. Flags On A Windy Day At The San Andreas Republic

GTAP – San Andreas Republic

21. The Los Santos Skyline

GTAP – LS Sunset

20. Overlooking Palomino Highlands

GTAP – Palomino Highlands

19. Rockford Hills Sign

Grand Theft Auto: Photography

18. Wind Farm

GTAP – Ron Alternates Wind Farm

17. Girl At The Park At Sunset


16. Morning Mist In The Mountains


15. Sunshine In The Valley


14. Men Conversing On Nikola Avenue

13. Dumpsters Outside of Integrity Way, Los Santos

12. Family Estate Outside The City


10. Man Making His Way Downtown, Walking Fast, Faces Pass And He’s Home Bound

8. Corner Of Strawberry Avenue

GTAP – Strawberry Avenue

7. Taking A Leak During A 9 AM Fishing Trip


6. 9 AM Fishing Trip

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5. Grass formations

GTAP – River/Stream

4. A Quiet Moment At The Park

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3. Lazy Sunday Afternoon In A Cove

GTAP – Boating Hideaway

2. Construction Worker Taking A Personal Call At Work

1. Man Falling From Steel Bridge


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